Gait AnalysisIf you want to know your foot type and need to lessen the foot pain with proper custom orthoses and orthopedic footwear, we at TorPedO can help you with gait analysis. Gait refers to the way in which you move your body from one point to another, and it is done by walking. Gait analysis is a method utilized to asses your movement.

The motive of gait analysis is to highlight biomechanical abnormalities, and its cycle depends on the condition of how your foot makes a contact with the ground and how it reacts when it leaves the surface.

Types of Walking Motions

  • Pronation: The heel (lateral, central, medial) hits the ground first and rolls inward. This hinders the ability to absorb shock and stabilize.
  • Supination: The outside part of the heel strikes first, but it does not roll inward. Rather than, this remains rotated outwards. It decreases shock absorption.
  • Neutral: The outside of heels strikes the ground first. Your foot rolls slightly inward and then pushes off the ground.

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