RX Custom Foot OrthosesIf you are among them who remain on feet all day, you need custom foot orthotics. At TorPedO, Our custom made foot orthoses are specifically manufactured medical devices used to treat and prevent injuries related to foot and lower limb mechanics. Our orthoses are placed inside your footwear to:

  • Correct foot position
  • Improve skeletal alignment of the body
  • Redistribute pressure
  • Increase shock absorption
  • Improve general foot function

Types Of Orthotics

  • Functional Orthotics:These are designed to treat the foot pain that is the result of abnormal motion. This rigid device limits abnormal motion and control foot and lower limb function.
  • Accommodative Orthotics:This flexible device is used to provide additional support, increased stability, and reduced pressure under painful areas. Compared to functional orthotics, the attempt to control biomechnical abnormalities is little to none.

How We Manufacture It!

  • Step 1: Each negative cast received is filled with plaster of Paris to obtain a positive model.
  • Step 2: The positive model is then modified using plaster dressing, rasps, and curving tools to achieve the desired amount of control and support.
  • Step 3: Depending on the desire function, high temperature thermoplastics or foam rubbers are heated and molded to the plaster positive model under vacuum.
  • Step 4: When cooled, the shell is shaped using drum grinders and polishing wheels to fit the appropriate footwear. Specified modifications such as heel post, arch fill, metatarsal pad, heel lift, excavations, etc., are added at this time in accordance with the prescription provided.
Heel Lift
Heel Lift
Excavation, Met. Pad, Toe Filler
Excavation, Met. Pad, Toe Filler

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