The starting point to any successful orthotics is an excellent cast. When it comes to getting a custom orthotics that fits properly, 3D casting plays an important role. Our orthotics follow casting techniques such as foam box casting and plaster slipper casting to make an accurate impression of a patient’s foot. This allows us to craft custom-made orthotics for all foot types.

Casting Techniques

Foam Box – While sitting, the patient will place their foot on top of a foam box. Then, our Pedorthist will hold the subtalar joint in a neutral position while pushing the foot down to let it sink into the foam box.


Plaster Cast – The patient will be in a prone position laying on a plinth. Our pedorthist will then apply a wet plaster bandage and wrap it accordingly around the foot. The patient will have to wait 3-5 minutes for the bandage to dry, which afterwards will provide an accurate negative cast of the foot.


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